Axial Piston Units

Axial piston units are available in the form of pumps and motors in bent axis design or swashplate design for medium- and high-pressure ranges. They are the main components in the hydrostatic transmission. Compact size and high power density, economy and reliability are characteristic advantages which speak for the use of hydrostatic transmissions, together with the fact that they meet the demand for high speed and high torque, as well as optimum efficiency.


Open and/or closed circuit
Displacement 5 to 1000 cm3
Nominal pressure up to 450 bar
Maximum speed up to 11,000 rpm
Maximum power output 933 kW

Our versatile transmissions for mobile applications can be combined in a variety of ways with pumps, motors and open or closed loop control devices to offer the optimum design for every drive application and every power range.

Key advantages:

Infinitely variable speed setting at fixed or variable input speed
Immediate, jolt-free change in direction of rotation
Simple, ergonomic operation
High turnaround
Automatic torque conversion

Axial piston pumps and motors are used for the travel drive and working hydraulics in a wide variety of mobile machines.

External Gear Units

External gear units are classic hydraulic units and come in the form of pumps and motors. Individual pumps, multiple pumps and lownoise SILENCE versions in seven different series open up a virtually unlimited range of possible uses. Characteristics:

Displacement volume 1 to 63 cm³
Nominal pressure up to 280 bar
High quality standard through a uniform production process
Module-friendly construction
Integratable valve functions
Multiple-pump technology available
Aluminum and gray cast-iron casings
High power density
Good efficiency
Low airborne sound emissions
Reasonable service-life costs

Radial Piston Motors

The MCR radial piston motors are slowly running hydraulic motors which operate according to the multiple-stroke principle.

The relationship between roll diameter and cam profile is optimized inside the central power unit. This results in the best possible balance of forces between piston and cam path and simultaneously extends the service life. The step-piston power unit or high-displacement power unit yields a very compact drive unit with high power density.

MCR motors can be used both in open as well as in closed circuits. Characteristics:

Displacement 160 to 3000 cm³
Nominal pressure 250 bar
Peak pressure up to 450 bar
Minimum speed 5 rpm

Mobile Controls

Mobile controls are control and safety systems for drive and working hydraulics of mobile equipment.
The range of products includes all hydraulic function elements necessary for this purpose such as direction, pressure, flow and check functions as well as the corresponding designs (mono- and plate blocks, plug-in and externally mounted elements). It is complemented by integrated electronic sensors, controls and control elements.


Control blocks
Open Center (OC)
Load Sensing (LS)
Load-independent flow distribution (LUDV)
Flow up to 1600 l/min
Nominal pressure up to 350/420 bar
Medium and high pressure
Mono-block and sandwich design
Mechanical, hydraulic, electromagnetic and electrohydraulic control with or without onboard electronics (OBE)

Valve modules
EHR control valves
Central hydraulics
Lift control
Cylinder safety lock valve
Stabilizing valves
Screw-in valves
Flow dividers
Flow, pressure, check valves

Pilot control devices
Ergonomic grip
Various characteristics
Low actuating forces

Hydraulic remotely powered brake systems
Trailer brake valve

Steering units
Open Center
Closed Center
Reaction and non-reaction
With or without speed control
Priority valves