Sauer Danfoss - Hydrostatic Transmissions

Sauer-Danfoss offers transmission solutions for off-highway vehicles, both at component and system levels. Our product range makes it possible to cover low, medium and high powered applications with single and dual path propulsion drives as well as closed loop auxiliary transmissions. Electronic controls from Sauer-Danfoss can be used in a wide range of mobile applications. The Sauer-Danfoss product portfolio consists of standardized products as well as customer and application tailored solutions.

Hydrostatic transmission solutions

For low and medium powered vehicles such as aerial lifts, skid steer loaders, walk-behind rollers and industrial forklift trucks, and for high powered vehicles like combines, crawlers, forestry machinery and rollers, Sauer-Danfoss offers the right hydrostatic transmission solutions.

Features and Benefits
Advanced technology
Pumps and motors for closed circuit applications
Controls for every application
Compact and light weight
Integral loop flushing valve option for motors
System packages
Proven reliability and performance
Worldwide sales and service
Variety of filtration options for pumps
Extensive field experience

Axial piston variable displacement single and tandem pumps (Series 40 and 42)

Robust and easily serviced
7 different displacements
Complete family of control systems
Through drives for auxiliary pumps
Pressures up to 350 bar (5076 psi) for Series 40
Pressures up to 450 bar (6019 psi) for Series 42

Axial piston two-position LV-motors

3 different displacements in one compact package
Short installed length
Compact design
3:1 working displacement ratio
Zero displacement (degree) capability

Axial piston variable displacement pumps (Series 90)

Highest through-drive capability
High power
The most technically advanced hydraulic units in the industry
6 different displacements
Complete family of control systems
manual displacement controls (MDC)
electrical displacement controls (EDC)
hydraulic displacement controls (HDC)
electrical automotive controls (NFPE)
Compact and light weight
Closed circuit
Pressures up to 480 bar (6962 psi)

Axial piston fixed and variable displacement motors (Series 90)

Cartridge motors designed for direct installation in compact planetary drives
5 sizes of fixed displacement motors in SAE-flange configuration
2 sizes of fixed displacement motors in cartridge configuration
2 sizes of variable displacement motors in SAE-flange and cartridge configuration
Variable motor with 3:1 displacement ratio
Variable motors available with electrohydraulic or hydraulic two position control
Short installation length
Pressures to 480 bar (6962 psi)

Bent axis variable displacement motors (Series 51 and 51-1)

Advanced technology
4 sizes in SAE, DIN ISO, and cartridge flange configurations, 60 cc/rev (3.7 cu-in/rev) to 160 cc/rev (9.8 cu-in/rev)
Cartridge motors designed for direct installation in compact planetary drives
Large displacement ratio (5:1)
Pressure compensated and two-position controls available
Compact and light weight
Speeds to 7000 rpm
Pressures to 480 bar (6962 psi)

Transit mixer pumps, motors and gearboxes
Maximum comfort
Easy to operate
Constant drum speed
Improved control performance
Dashboard mounted control device
Reduced noise
Reliable and durable drive system

Integrated pump systems (IPS)

Simplified hydraulic circuit
Lower power loss
Low noise
Available with SAE mounting flange
Short installation length
NFPE transmission control
Integrated auxiliary pump
-axial piston load sensing (LS) pump, 57 cc/rev (3.5 cu-in/rev)
-cast iron gear pump, 44 cc/rev (2.7 cu-in/rev)
Temperature control
Pressures to 480 bar (6962 psi) for closed circuit 75 cc/rev (4.6 cu-in/rev)
Pressures to 350 bar (5076 psi ) for open circuit 57 cc/rev (3.5 cu-in/rev)
Pressures to 260 bar (3771 psi) for open circuit 44 cc/rev (2.7 cu-in/rev)

Sauer Danfoss - Open Circuit Pumps And Motors

Sauer-Danfoss offers a wide variety of open circuit products. Our fixed and variable displacement pumps provide power for work functions of on- and off-highway vehicles and equipment in the fields of agriculture, construction, material handling, many others.

Fixed displacement gear pumps and motors and variable displacement piston pumps are a perfect choice when equipping applications like forklift trucks, tractors and road rollers.
Our portfolio includes tailor made pump solutions, in which several functions are integrated in one body to optimize size and cost. By combining products we can offer system solutions for buses, wheel loaders and other heavy equipment.

Features and benefits:

Motor inlet pressures up to 250 bar (3626 psi)
Full series operation capability
European and SAE flange and shaft options
O-ring boss ports, European 4 bolt ports
Radial case drain option
European and metric options
Integral valves (requires a special rear cover)
Fan drive versions with integral control and relief valves

Gear pumps and motors

For light vehicles such as aerial lifts, greens and fairway mowers and electric forklifts, Sauer-Danfoss offers SKP1 and SKP2. YCC pumps can be used where compact multisection pumps are required. These pumps feature: integral valves, pressure balanced design for high efficiency, and extruded aluminum bodies for high strength.

For medium sized vehicles such as tractors, internal combustion engine forklifts and skid steer loaders, we offer the 25SP aluminum pump, or where a heavier duty pump is required, the cast iron D Series. Both pumps feature: SAE A and B mounts, integral valves, and high-performance DU bushings.

For larger off-highway vehicles like tractors, backhoe loaders, dump trucks and telescopic handlers, we offer the SNP3 as well as the CP180 and CP222 heavy duty cast iron pumps.

Note: Many combinations of the pumps mentioned are available as multiple units made to fit any need.

If the Sauer-Danfoss open-circuit product you are looking for is not listed here, please refer to our listing of resourced and obsolete products displaying the former Webster design family.

Axial piston pumps (Series 45)

Series 45 open circuit pumps can be applied with other products in a system to transfer and control hydraulic power. They provide an infinitely variable flow rate between zero and maximum. The pumps are compact, high power density units, using the axial piston concept in conjunction with a tiltable swashplate to vary the pump displacement.

Features and benefits

Designed using the proven methods of quality function deployment (QFD) and design for manufacturability (DFM)
Wide range of low cost installation options
Control system flexibility - pressure compensated, load sensing, and remote pressure compensated controls
High power auxiliary drives for multiple pump configurations
Low noise levels
Unique design to increase reliability (no gasketed joints)

Integrated pump packages

An integrated hydraulic package is a combination of pumps, valves, filters, fittings, plumbing, ports, P.T.O.s etc., designed especially to simplify hydraulic system installations.

Integrated pumps can be:

a) A tandem gear pump with special inlet adapter
b) a single gear pump with filter and external drive gear

A tandem gear pump with customized mounting, filter mount, relief valve and external drive gear

2 gear pumps and 1 piston pump with 3 filter mounts, 6 valves, custom mounting flange, 24 ports, gear drive train, internal galleries replacing plumbing, and a mount for third party valve.

Integrated package pumps are ideal solutions for manufacturers of agricultural and on-highway vehicles. Over the last 12 years, Sauer-Danfoss has participated in many in-depth studies on the cost effectiveness of system integration, and it has consistently been shown that savings of 30% are absolutely realistic and achievable.

Sauer Danfoss - Orbital Motors

Sauer-Danfoss offers a wide range of low-speed hydraulic motors designed for moderate to heavy load requirements. With the many variants available, it is always possible to find the optimum orbital motor solution for your specific application needs.

Orbital motors vary in size (rated displacement) from 8 cc/rev (0.5 cu-in/rev3) to 800 cc/rev (49 cu-in/rev) per revolution. Speeds range from a top speed of approximately 2500 rpm for the smallest type and up to approximately 600 rpm for the largest type. Maximum operating torques vary from 13 Nm (115 lbf-in) to 2700 Nm (24000 lbf-in) (peak) and maximum outputs are from 2 kW (2.7 hp) to 70 kW (95hp).

High efficiency
Smooth running over entire speed range
Constant operating torque
High starting torque
High return pressure without the use of a drain line (high pressure shaft seal)
Long life under extreme operating conditions
Robust and compact design
High radial and axial bearing capacity
For applications in both open and closed loop hydraulic systems
Corrosion resistant parts
Suitable for a wide variety of hydraulic fluids

Mini motors (OML and OMM)

Sauer-Danfoss mini motors are ideal in industrial applications and for work functions in the mobile sector, e.g. mobile conveyors in harvesting machines.

Spool valve integrated with output shaft
Gearwheel set with fixed rim
Suitable for long periods of operation at moderate pressure and short periods of operation at high pressure
Medium sized motors (OMP, DH, OMR, DS, OMH, OMEW)

Sauer-Danfoss medium sized motors are light and compact and therefore easy to install in equipment such as forklift trucks, turf care machinery, aerial lifts, skid steer loaders and trenchers.

Spool valve integrated with output shaft, except for OMEW which has a disc valve
OMP/DH has a fixed gear rim and is ideal for long periods of operation at moderate pressure and short periods of operation at high pressure
OMR/DS/OMH has a gear rim with rollers and is suitable for long periods of operation at high pressure
OMP and OMR are available as wheel motors with a recessed mounting flange
High pressure shaft seals are available on OMP and OMP
For use in corrosive environments, OMP and OMR are available with exposed parts made of stainless steel
Integrated negative holding brake option available on OMR

Large motors (OMS, OMT, OMV)

For particularly rough operating conditions, Sauer-Danfoss offers a range of large orbital motors.
Output shaft with tapered roller bearings gives high static and dynamic bearing capacity
Gear rim with rollers, separate valve drive and disc valve
High volumetric and mechanical efficiency
Long operating life at high pressures
Short and ultra-short (without bearings and output shaft) versions possible
Integrated flushing valve in OMT
Speed signals
OMS available as a slewing motor
OMT available with integrated negative holding brake